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Best Ways to Stimulate a Nipple

Thinking of erogenous zones, the breasts come to mind right away. That's because (whether you realized this or not) breasts have so many nerve endings that it doesn't take too much effort to stimulate your lover starting at the breasts and nipples. But who wants to stop short at simple stimulation when there is so much potential for more? While some people don't find nipple stimulation the least bit erotic, for others, nipple stimulation will get them very close to climax. There are even people who will reach orgasm via nipple stimulation alone! Here are some varying techniques for nipple stimulation.

We'll start with some basics for those who are fairly unfamiliar with the nipples in general. Nipples are composed of a series of smooth muscles just under the surface of the skin. This area is filled with nerve endings that naturally react to temperature and touch. The nipple extends back to a ring of skin called the areola. When exposed to changes in temperature, touch, and arousal, the muscles underneath the skin contract and the nipples fill with blood, making them more sensitive as arousal increases. Much like in a more general sense (that many of us are already thoroughly familiar with *g*), the body can handle more intense stimulation as we get closer and closer to orgasm. And this information isn't just about women's nipples. Men can be aroused from nipple stimulation, too.

As you're beginning to approach the nipples, remember to start slow. (Yes, I know I say this all the time. It's true! When in doubt, always start slow! Rushing is never as fun, anyway *g*). Most people will need a bit of warming up before they're ready for the more intense sensations of squeezing and biting. Also, people usually like a variety of stimulation, all the way from gentle stroking and massaging to painful biting (did someone say pain? Oohh, oooohh, ohhhh). But seriously, you don't want to ruin the mood by rushing into too much before your lover is ready. Caress them first, find out what your partner likes by paying attention to their responses to the different things you do. The best way to go about this is to explore the entire breast, starting on the outside and working your way in to the nipple. If it seems like he or she is slightly bored at any time, this is a great time try out an increased pressure and speed. And don't be shy! Use different parts of your hand, palm, fingertips, even the back of the hand for a sensation of extra smoothness. Here's a great tip for when she's on top, riding you: put your palms up to the tips of her nipples. She'll be moving, so you won't have to move them much. The slight touch from your palms every second or will definitely heighten her arousal.

Now, on to using your mouth on nipple stimulation, the warm and wet sensation that the mouth gives is so erotic that it often drives people crazy with arousal. Plus, you not only have your lips to use, but your tongue, your teeth, and don't forget about your hot breath. All this talk about mouths is turning me on. *giggles* Here's a warm-up for you to try, while it's weighing heavily into my thoughts:

First breathe that hot breath of yours onto your lover's nipples. Slowly start exploring them with your tongue. Light pressure to start, increasing more and more, but slowly, slowly—trust me, this build-up is amazing. Using the tip of your tongue, make circles around the areola. Then use the whole tongue for touching with more surface area. Now, introduce your teeth into the equation, gently. More pressure, more pressure (make sure to notice if your lover pulls away, as it might be too hard, then). And finally, suck on her nipples. The suction brings more blood to the surface, creating a highly sensitive area.

Now, for the more intense nipple stimulation you've been building up to. You know what I'm referring to: biting and sucking hard, pulling, and twisting. And let's not forget about taste, temperature, and toys! I know we've had this in the back of our minds all along

Taste? Try some flavored body lotion. No doubt will this add a little bit more nipple indulgence to the experience. There are a variety of flavors to try.

Temperature? Watch how a nipple becomes erect by using ice, or drip hot wax onto the nipples (carefully, of course). Check out this Wax Play FAQ for detailed information about use and safety. The temperature stimulation is heavenly pleasure. I'd advise NOT taking my word for it on this one…*wink*

Toys? Yes, yes, yes. Here's a whole section of Nipple Toys to choose from. Of course, I'll recommend some personal favorites. *teehee* For beginners, feather nipple clamps will provide a great start— they are super sexy with the feathers attached dangling softly over your breasts, and these have adjustable tightness controlled turning the screws. For more advanced play, I love the Japanese clover clamps. These ones tighten when you pull on the chain that connects them! Plus, they have room for add-ons, like weights for a more intense pinch. There is also the option of vibrating nipple clamps to watch your nipples swell with pleasure, or even nipple suckers. All options for the adventurous, pain-lovers out there. If you're anything like me, pain=some of the best kinds of pleasure. *g*

Before you run off for some kinky nipple stimulation with your lover, I want to give you some last pointers. Remember that the whole breast an erogenous area, not just the nipple. Make sure to squeeze and prod everywhere! Also, don't leave the breasts hanging (*teehee* puns are deliciously terrible, I know!) once foreplay is over. Your partner might also want some attention for her breasts and nipples during orgasm (which will likely be the best time to apply the greatest amount of pressure as her heightened state will demand it!). And, women's breasts become more sensitive at different times of the month, so be conscious of this and get a sense of how much stimulation she wants for each sexual experience.

Ok, now I bet you're more than ready to go. Actually, me too…*g*

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