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Free Gifts! Our Thank You gift to you, our valued guest!

Free Gifts with Every Order!

While some shops may try the "New customers are more special than loyal customers" trick just to sell you something with their first-time gifts or new customer discounts, frankly we’re not a big fan of that method of rewards.

You've been loyal to us, so we'd like to say thank you for shopping with us - every time! ‘Not just the first time?’ you ask? Nope - With every single order!

In fact, we'd not only like to reward you with a free gift, we're offering you your choice of FREE Gift! (Really?) Yes! We LOVE  that you're a part of our kinky community! (And we love that you love us back! Thank you!)

Check back every now and again as we’ll be updating our Free Gifts section often with all kinds of new and fantastic goodies & gifts available!

Just what can you get as your free gift in your order? Currently available, we have these fun items to choose from: 

Free Gifts Available with Any Purchase of up to $25.00. With any purchase, you can select one of the following Free Gifts:

759A Mini Charm Bondage Padlock

A $2.95 Value!

1555M Assorted Colors and Styles Super Stretch French Tickler Cock Ring

A $3.95 Value!

1685M Assorted Colors and Styles Super Stretch Cock Ring

A $3.95 Value!

Free Gifts available when spending $25.01 to 75.00

2379AC Stay Hard Jelly Cock Ring, Set of 3

A $12.95 Value!

1436M 3 Ring Beaded Cock Ring Set*Limited Time Only!*

A $12.95 Value!

980A Surprise FREE Gift

A $14.95 Value!

Free Gifts available when spending $75.01 – 125.00

760A Pair of Mini Charm Bondage Padlocks

A $4.95 Value!


8923DL Bondage Basics Pink Satin Blindfold

A $14.95 Value!

8998DL Bondage Basics Red Rubber Classic Ball Gag

A $29.95 Value!

Free Gifts available when spending $125.01 - 200.00

2697RS Blinded By Love Blindfold, Diamond Blue

A $19.95 Value!

8916DL Blinded By Love Pink Bondage Blindfold

A $19.95 Value!

7948DL Purple Pleasures Elastic Strap Padded Blindfold

A $23.95 Value!

9031DL L’il Red Whipper 12” Leatherette Fantasy Whip

A $24.95 Value!

6878RS Itty Bitty Whippy Hot Pink Mini Whip

A $24.95 Value!

Free Gifts available when spending $200.01 - 300.00

3843RS Hot Pink Fantasy Beginner Ball Gag Strap

A $29.95 Value!

7864DL Over the Top Fantasy Ball Gag Trainer, Red Ball

A $59.95 Value!

7819DL Fat Tail Black Leatherette Fantasy Flogger

A $30.95 Value!

2773RS Beginner Classic Rubber Ball Gag Strap, Diamond Blue

A $29.95 Value!

Free Gifts available when spending $300.01 and over

8993DL Red Rubber Ballgag Bondage Trainer

A $79.95 Value!

8994DL Black Rubber Ballgag Bondage Trainer

A $79.95 Value!


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