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Health Benefits of Good Sex

Know how everyone is always saying that things that are good for you are never any fun? Well, now you can tell them they are wrong.

Sex is good for you. Seriously! It is actually beneficial to your health to have sex.

Well if that isn't good news, then I don't know what is. Why wouldn't you engage in a happy and healthy sex life? Not only would you be able to have some fun, but you would be making your body healthier at the same time. Or at least that's what you could tell people if they asked. You could also tell them to mind their own business. It's up to you.

So what exactly are the health benefits of getting frisky? Well let's take a look at a few.

  1. Immune system
    One of the biggest ways to stay healthy is to have a strong immune system. Your immune system is what helps your body to fight off infections and viruses. It's always a good thing to work hard and build up the immune system as often as you can. Lucky for you, that just became more fun.

A healthy sex life is just one of the ways that you can build up that immune system. So not only are you enjoying yourself, you are helping to make sure that you don't catch a virus as well.

  1. Blood Pressure
    Learning this made me a very happy camper. I mean who wants to worry with pills and risks of stroke? It's a simple fact that an active and healthy sex life can lower your blood pressure over time. Now don't get me wrong. I am not advising people with high blood pressure to throw out the pills and have lots of sex. Well, at least not the throw out the pills part. You have to give something like this time to work. But you can rest assured that every time you are knocking the boots, you are also improving your heart health.
  1. Heart
    Since we mentioned heart health, sex is good for the heart. And not just in the warm and fuzzy feelings kind of way. Men and women who have regular sex are less likely to have heart problems in their life. No wonder my bouts of sexual dryness felt like my heart was breaking. It really might have been!
  1. Stress
    I tell one of my friends just about every day that if she would have sex she'd be less stressed. She thinks I'm crazy. I am not. Well I am, but not about this. I just happen to know my stuff. Nothing relieves a big ball of stress floating through your body quite like a good roll between the sheets. You expend your negative energy and replace it with positive. How can anyone deny something that works so well to help you out from day to day? Maybe I should show her the statistics?
  1. Sleep
    Suffer from insomnia? Well, get your freak flag flying! Those who have a healthy and active sex life will sleep better. Anyone who's ever had a really good time knows this is true. We forget about cuddles and kisses because we are sleeping hard core.
  1. Exercise
    How does it help you so much? Because sex is actually a very good method of exercising. The more active you are during sex, the more you are working your body and even burning calories. Ever woke up with pain in your thighs, buttocks and arms. That just says that you worked your body out really good the night before.
  1. Mood
    Well if you don't understand the way that sex improves your mood then maybe you should visit me when I'm not getting any. Sex releases endorphins that elevate your mood. Sex makes you happy. A fact I already knew. Add a ballgag and it's even better! *wink*

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