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Here's Why Women Should Masturbate Often


You’ve probably heard this coming from me plenty of times before but I will always repeat it: everyone should masturbate more often, especially women. In the old days, masturbation was a sort of taboo and something women were largely excluded from. Good news is: we don’t live in the old days; we live on the thriving XXI century where female masturbation is becoming a more normal and talked about practice, as it should be!
I always recommend for women to masturbate alone at first, especially if they are not used to masturbating at all! This way, they can learn more about their bodies and what turns them on, so they can later talk about with their partners.There are two types of stimulation that can make you achieve orgasm: clitoral and vaginal stimulation. You can stimulate the clitoris and outside area in plenty of different ways, ranging from soft caresses to fast movements to anything in between, only you can know what pushes you over the edge so you can guide your partner when the time comes wink*.

For vaginal stimulation, the G spot is usually the goal. Although you can find the G spot inserting your fingers, a good option is a dildo or even a vibrator. And if you want to get the best of both worlds, try using a Rabbit that will penetrate you and stimulate your clitoris for maximum pleasure (get one, you won’t regret it I promise. Just ask any woman who has tried it)

Believe it or not, regular masturbation has proven to actually increase orgasms! It’s a fact, I swear. If you are one of those women who have always had some trouble getting there, masturbation is a great option. With time, you will find orgasms come easier to you, whether on your own or with a partner. Start practicing because you don’t have anything to lose, right? Just don’t forget your lube!

And want to know another great thing about masturbation?  It helps release tension and stress. Oh! And it also helps you sleep better because it relaxes you. Speaking of relaxing, do you suffer from menstrual cramps? Because masturbation eases those cramps by relaxing the uterus (it also has to do with the contractions that occur when you orgasm) and that is one natural remedy you have right on your own hands, literally. Like I said before, just trust me and try it next month when you have cramps. I’m here to help a sister out, so I can assure you it really works.

As for the other health benefits, it also increases blood circulation. Some people swear women glow after masturbation and orgasms, and who are we to contradict it? In theory it must be true because you are relaxed and happy, making your skin luminous and with an overall resting sensation that shows. Like the wise saying goes: masturbate, is only natural wink*.

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