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How to Ignite His Sexual Fire in the Bedroom

Sex is amazing, awesome and spiritual, if you do it right. Sometimes doing it right, also means things get broken, bruises happen and that’s just the really good stuff. So, how do you get your sex life from Ho-Hum, to…When Are You Going to Be Home Hun? As your resident Bondage Sexpert, I am going to give you a peak into each sexes mind to let you know what is really going on in there, so you can turn it into your advantage and use it against them. You’re welcome!

For the Ladies:
Let’s just start with the natural assumption that he wants sex. Most guys here are just going, “YUP”, in their head. But what kind of sex? Do they want you meek with cute little nightie on? Chances are no. Most men want hardcore, hot and boundless sex.

What does hardcore, hot and boundless sex mean to a guy? It means that everything is on the table. Or literally even maybe even you are… Men love things that scream sex. That is why latex is so popular (insert link to latex article). Latex says one thing only – SEX.

Men are so much more simple than the magazines we read give them credit for. If they like something they will tell you, if they don’t like something, they don’t. There is no secret having to guess what is going on in his mind.

Men want it all out and they want to see it, touch and quite frankly – fuck it. The biggest turn on for most men is knowing that you want them. Being open to a man and even sexually aggressive is just about every single man’s best kept fantasy. Talk dirty to him and be explicit. Use words that you may have never used before (except in traffic). Wear something that in no way be mistaken for anything other than your full intention is to not only use him but to abuse him. HARD.

Kiss him like he is the yummiest chocolate in the world. And don’t be shy for even a moment. Swoon over his biceps, tell him you want to nibble on his neck, be delightfully naughty about the bulge in his pants. Touch and feel every part of his body, savoring him as though he was the most important thing you could ever experience. Allow yourself to be open to experience of simply being by putting aside your day to day worries, and just allowing yourself to soak up the sexual essence of immense hotness of your partner. Treat him like the sex object he is and he will love you for it!

Men are secretly just as insecure as we are. He has days where he is not feeling good about himself, just like we do. Take away his insecurities by telling how hot you find him. Be Explicit. Give him something to think about during his lunch break or his long drive home. Send him flirty emails or texts out of the blue going into detail about that dirty dream you had about him last night. He wants to be wanted, so make him feel like he is. Even though he may not show it, he needs that from you and it’s important to him to know that he is hot, sexy and the only stud for you.

Simply put, his biggest turn on is you. He wants to know that he turns you on and you are not afraid to show it! Not only will you start a fire in the bedroom, you are going to burn the house. The roof is on fire, and we don’t need no water - just bring us some really good lube. And get the neighbors some ear plugs…because they are so going to need it. Go get it girl…..you’ve got this! *wink*

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