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The Secret to Male Orgasms


While the female orgasm tends to get more press because it is a bit more elusive and “complicated” than the male counterpart, masculine orgasms also have their own things and particularities. I know most people are always giving female orgasm a bad time saying they are complex and difficult but at the end of the day: who gets to cum several times in a row without any issues? I would say women got the better part of that deal wink*

Orgasms in men are not always that simple. They may be easier to achieve than female orgasms, but there are studies that show the complexity of the whole thing. For instance, do you know 29% of men have admitted to ejaculating without actually experiencing pleasure…and this may sound even more surprising, but 18% admit to having faked an orgasm at some point in their lives. Now who is the so called big orgasm phony here wink*

When a man experiences an intense bout of sexual stimulation or an overload of pleasure, his penis will ejaculate. But what is ejaculation? (I know, I know, but bear with me for the official term) It is nothing more than a flux of stimuli throughout the all-genital area; this produces prostate contractions because sperm is transported here, besides of a series of spasms in the penis, the pelvic muscles and even the thighs.

This whole process creates a rapid heart rate and breathing, besides of an increase in his blood pressure because well, obviously the body it’s quite exhausted. The pleasure of ejaculating and releasing that sperm lasts a few seconds (oh happiness… blink and you miss it)

So, how can you make your man have a better orgasm? Needless to say, masturbation is all very nice and dandy and will obviously get him there, but sexual stimulation will definitely improve the experience. What is that saying? Two is better than one? But what really makes a difference is delaying that orgasm and the pleasure – no place for instant gratification here. And if he learns how to delay his orgasm you will also win in the end because he will last longer…everyone wins here. So make your man learn some how to hold back because it is totally worth it.

Another thing you should know is the first orgasm tends to be least pleasurable when a man has several orgasms in a row. I know some men can definitely have a hard (ha! Couldn’t resist the pun) time being up and ready right away, but once again, learning how make a fast recovery will make for a better sex life. Because if they recover quick, those second or third orgasms will be a thousand times better than the first one. And once they have figured out that and actually experienced the sensations, I doubt they want to be stuck to just one orgasm…

But how about those men who have trouble achieving orgasms? It may be less talked about than women, but men also experience this problem. Most of the times it has to do with physiological reasons, like some sort of illness or problems related with age, or psychological reasons like anxiety, depression, low self-confidence or even fear of not being able to come!

Occasionally, alcohol or some medications can also affect getting the big O. Sometimes the problem can be as simple as a man not being aroused enough or simply not having enough desire at that point. As you can see, the reasons can be super varied so you need to really look into to know what is going on.

The important part is to always seek help with the experts if you feel things are not working properly. The fastest you figure out what’s wrong, the faster you can experience pleasure again. 

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