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Top Reasons Why Sex Gets Better As You Get Older


This might come as a shock for you but sex actually gets better in time, just like wine. And by better, we mean the quality of it increases significantly thanks to different factors that you achieve along your years of experience.

You know what you want from your partner and how to get it

After some time you understand what your preferences are, you accept them fully, and you don’t waste time when you try to reach them and that changes the whole approach you have toward sex. If you prefer anal sex, you will make sure to dress accordingly in order to drag attention on your sexy butt and even get a couple of toys that can easily be replaced with a nice penis along the way. And your partner will find your attitude so sexy and join you with no second thoughts.

You are not embarrassed to show your body in the spotlight

And you should never be embarrassed to do so! However, when you are new in the sex field, you might have or develop certain complexes when it comes to your appearance and especially the way your body looks like when it is completely exposed, naked. But after some time, you will be proud of it and explore it the best you can. You will know how to choose the right outfits and stay in the right positions and beyond all that you will understand that being natural is the most beautiful and sexual way to be. The beauty standards that are so commercially exposed in beauty magazines will not touch your ego anymore and you will learn to act on your own beauty and be satisfied with it. So less efforts, more confidence!


You have the confidence to suggest new things

Oh yes…Ever had one of those fetishes that you are so anxious to try but don’t know how to share that desire with your partner? Of course you did, we all have been there. But, in time, that will change. You will know how to share your deepest fantasies and make them come true in the hottest ways, maybe hotter than they were in your imagination. If you want to try BDSM and be a dominant, you will know exactly how to express that to your partner without scaring them or pushing them away, on the contrary. You will achieve the right BDSM toys and maybe some gags in your partner’s favorite color to make the whole experience more appealing to them and in no time you will be a great dominant handling your obedient slave. And they will love it and ask for more!

You have a good “give and take” balance

As young adults, we might not know how much we should give and how much we should take when it comes to sexual intercourse and pleasing each other within a relationship. But that knowledge does come in time. If your partner performs oral sex on you most of the time, maybe it is time for you to reciprocate and he will not have to tell you because you will just know.

If you share your fetishes with them and expect them to act accordingly and do their best to fulfill your fantasies, you will know to ask about their fetishes so that you can take care of their needs as well. Reaching this level of sexual understanding is increasing both the sexual pleasure and the respect within the relationship, because taking care of each other should be done at many levels, including the kinky, sexual one.

So, don’t panic if you have some sexual shortcomings because time and experience does have a solution or all of them and before you know it, you will have the sexual life of your dreams as long as you allow yourself to grow as a person and get to know yourself before trying to know others.

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