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Why Penis Size Doesn't Really Matter

As a woman I can attest to the fact that we do not put nearly as much emphasis on the size of a penis as the guys do. Somehow they believe that touting how large they are is the guaranteed way to make us want to experience it. But the problem is that even with all of that time spent standing with their friends, ruler in hand, guys still haven't mastered the art of accuracy during measuring.

That aside, it is an age-old debate that will probably never be solved. Does size matter? Is it truly the size of the ship or the motion of the ocean that brings pleasure to females?

Know why this debate is never-ending? Because there are more answers than anyone can keep up with. Chances are that no professional studies have been conducted to determine an answer using fact and logic. So it's left to the guys and gals to decide and much like everything else in the world, we all believe what we personally want to believe.

That's because each of us has our own personal experiences to go by. We have our own list of turn-ons and turn-offs. Most importantly, us ladies have our own things that will do the trick.

So I'm going to cue you all in on a little secret that nobody likes to talk about. Women aren't really obsessed with how big or small you are. If they want you, they want you. If you do things right, the size won't make a big difference.
But the key here is to pay attention to the many variables that come into play. Sometimes people just aren't sexually compatible. What turns her on may not be his thing. Their bodies may not fit together smoothly. The attraction between them may not be physical enough. It happens.

While guys use their penis size in bragging rights, women talk about their skill. The things they say, what they do, and not only with that appendage, hands and mouth, every part of the body come into play.

Emotion, attraction and the lover's skill is what turn's a woman on. We are much more turned on by a great makeout session than a three hour drilling.

On the same token, women who have had children and not kept the muscles tightened might appear looser to men. So a smaller man wouldn't feel as good as a larger man simply because of her own anatomy. And he wouldn't enjoy the feeling as much either.

When it comes to sex, what matters the most is the attraction and the fulfillment of desires. The more feelings involved in the experience the more satisfactory it is going to be. Trust me

Women are feeling people. If you ask a bunch of us, most will tell you we are more turned on by a shirtless guy than a naked one. For most women sex is about so much more than penis size. So we don't roam around looking to see who has the best package. Instead we roam around seeing who touches us on a deeper level, turns us on the most and then fulfills those desires the best.

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