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1616A Dark Rapture Leather Choker Collar

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Dark Rapture Leather Choker Collar is an erotic bondage gear that will lead you to kink ecstasy. The leather choker collaris purposely designed to look simple but stylish. It is not as thick as most collars; it can even pass as a regular cute innocent choker. Who would have thought that the red and black little choker is actually a symbol of ownership and power exchange, right? 

It comes no surprise that this lovely and delicate leather choker collar is a crowd favorite. Submissive and even sissy slave love to wear a comfortable collar while being tortured. Training, punishment, and everything in between can be tough on pets- so might as well give them adorable choker collar while at it. 

A handy, wonderfully jingle-jangly Loop and O-Ring hardware piece dangles seductively from the front to accept all your leash and hardware attachments. The possibility is endless, as you can incorporate other sex accessories like nipple clamps and a ball gag.

This collar is only 1” width, making it very easy to wear; and the high quality roller buckle enables to cinch this lovely collar securely tight. Not so tight as to be uncomfortable, but just the right tightness to remind you that you are owned.

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Hand crafted leather, fits up to 16.5”.

Strictness Rating: 1.5