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1618A Devilishly DesiRED Luxe PVC Choker Collar

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Our lovely and delicate Luxe PVC choker collar is a true delight which your submissive will love to wear.

A handy, wonderfully jingle-jangly Loop and O-Ring hardware piece dangles seductively from the front to accept all your leash and hardware attachments. The 1” width is so easy to wear and the high quality roller buckle makes it easy to cinch this lovely collar comfortably tight. Not so tight as to be uncomfortable - just tight enough to feel owned. :)

Our beautiful Luxe PVC has quickly made it’s way into our toy box because of how it looks. The beautiful, sexy shine is so easy to maintain and it’s just a fraction of the cost of patent leather. But so much more of our wonderful Luxe PVC has made it’s way into our toy box because of the way it fits and feels! It actually warms and conforms to your skin and curves. It’s an absolute delight to be bound in and it wipes clean easily after the fun too. What’s not to like?

You're going to love our matching Red Luxe PVC Bondage Gear for the perfect companion pieces to this. Make the perfect bondage gear playtime set with gags to muffle their sex screams, restraints  to hold them down and spreader bars to keep their legs wide open! 

Hand crafted Luxe PVC, fits up to 16.5”.

Strictness Rating: 1.5