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1772HS Stallion Corral Ball Spreader & Stretcher

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This soft leather cock & balls strap is just what your Mistress has been looking for!

The simplistic design and easy to use snaps of this cock cage makes it easy to apply, but that doesn't mean it's any easier to wear. This Stallion Corral Ball Spreader & Stretcher will keep your slave's cock trapped and ready for you to use only when you say so!

Add the teasing vibrations of your new favorite wand massager (we have colors, styles and functions to please you and tease him!) and add a prostate stimulator to see if it really is possible to cum with a chastity tease cage locked on his cock. Even so, will you let him cum? Or just ruin his orgasm over and over again? Oh, you're such a bitch(We knew we were going to like you! *wink*)

The design includes a strap that fastens behind the penis for a delightful squeeze and the other two straps wrap around each of your balls for a super hard cock.

The cock ring at the base adjusts from 4" in circumference up to 6" in circumference.  The next straps, wrapped around each of the balls individually, adjusts from 3.5" in circumference up to 5.5" in circumference.

Masters and Mistresses alike will enjoy this ball spreader & stretcher to the fullest. While some slaves enjoy the feeling of being bound up tightly, your slave, on the other hand, may not so much...but then again, is that really a problem? No, I didn't think you would feel that's a drawback at all... *wink* It will be a sure delight to have a sexy bondage gear to get some spanking going. 

You're going to love our matching Black Leather Bondage Gear for the perfect companion pieces to this. Make the perfect bondage gear playtime set!

Strictness Rating: 3.0

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