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3638BD Forever My Love, Steel Ownership Collar

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Cartier has the Forever Bracelet, but we like to add a bit of fetish style to ours,so we present to you, the Forever My Love, Steel Ownership Collar.

Perfect for Collaring Ceremonies and special occasions, or to simply make every day a special occasion, the Forever My Love Collar Steel Ownership Collar is true bondage jewelry.

Crafted of tough and beautiful stainless steel, just 1" wide, your new Forever Collar has a beautiful high polish and can be worn as jewelry. Two magnetic locking pins to hold the collar tight while keeping it flush around the neck to prevent anything from catching along it's edge!

For a limited time only, we also offer a Plus size version of this collar with a hex head style screw as the fastener and utilizing an Allen Key for its removal. We use a stainless steel hidden hinge pin and locking set screw for extra strength and added security to keep your girl yours and yours alone. A special wrench is included for you to use to lock it in place or remove it, if absolutely necessary.

Attractive and comfortable enough to be worn daily in public, it could easily be mistaken for a vanilla piece of jewelry. However, this is one only your Master is permitted to put on and take off for you, thus branding you as their slave until such time they deem proper to remove...hmm probably in favor of a nice, tight posture collar! A quick reminder for doms, steel collars should not be worn in the shower.

The Forever My Love Collar has one O-ring for attachments of all types with clip chains, ropes or other bondage gear. Attach your favorite leash to the ring and lovingly lead your slave around to show them off in their beautiful new collar. After all, they are now Forever Yours!

Delicate and elegant, the One Size Forever My Love Collar - Magnetic Pin variant fits up to 15" and the Plus Size fits up to 17". The Plus Size - Allen Wrench variant fits up to 16.5".

Strictness Rating: 1.0 for ease and comfort of wear, but 5.0 for permanence!