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1786DL 7 Gates of Hell with Lead Chain

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The torture is heavenly, but the name says hell! Have fun leading or being led with our 7 Gates of Hell with Lead Chain set.

Add the teasing vibrations of your new favorite wand massager (we have colors, styles and functions to please you and tease him!) and add a prostate stimulator to see if it really is possible to cum with a chastity tease cage locked on his cock. Even so, will you let him cum? Or just ruin his orgasm over and over again? Oh, you're such a bitch(We knew we were going to like you! *wink*)

Don’t let your slave walk around the house completely naked - make him wear this cock and ball bondage accessory. The sadist in you will definitely be triggered once you see this on your slave’s trapped cock. As your slaves feel the comfortable tight fit of the multiple rings, he’d want to explore his masochism. This serves dual purpose – for pleasure and for pain.

With the seven steel rings perfectly fitted on the shaft, prolonged erection is a guarantee! Multiple rings for multiple orgasms! Most slaves secretly craves pain, and these cock torture rings can do that too! Bring your slave close to the finish line, yet do not allow him to release it. Besides, he needs to earn it. If he doesn’t squeal while you give him a dose of electric play, then maybe he can cum.

This comes with a lead chain that makes it even easier to incorporate other bondage accessories, such as nipple clamps. You can connect this to your slave’s collar too! That way, no matter how tired the penis is, it will still be up!

It is after all, trying to go to heaven, not hell. Toys that aren’t clean is a hell, so don’t forget to use a toy cleaner. Adding a bit of lubricant wouldn’t hurt with putting it on, or for other uses either!

Cock Ring Diameter: Varies from 1.5" at the base up to 1" at the tip.

Strictness Rating: 3.5

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