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8758BD Hogtie Submission Set

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Do you demand complete submission? Then our incredible Hogtie Submission Set is perfect for you!

Crafted of high quality leatherette, the Hogtie Submission Set comes complete with wrist and ankle cuffs, wrist and ankle tether straps - hogtie tether straps (you can connect one or leave it off), and also a gag cover and blindfold. Want to play with only the wrist cuffs? How about just the tether straps? A quick buckle puts them on or takes them off. With this set, you can have as much (or as little!) strictness as you desire - or need!

Buckle everything tight and pull your lover into the strictest hogtie. Go on - you know both of you want it! Just use those tether straps to clip everything together and create a tight hogtie. A strap around the forehead on the gag cover trainer can be tethered to the hogtie, completing this set's strictness by pulling the head up and back into position. In other words, "Wow!"

Add your own gag under the cover and just imagine the sweetly muffled sounds from your lover as they struggle helplessly. Fans of drooling will be pleased with the head strap as it makes it almost impossible to control.

Does the carpet match the drapes? Who cares? But your bondage gear should match. See ourBlack Leatherette Bondage Gearcollection to create your perfect matching set! You'll want one of our many popular bondage catsuitscollars and ropes to complete your kinky experience.

Crafted of high quality black leatherette for all the fun at half the price of leather. It always cleans quick with a wipe of a damp cloth. A few spritzes of our antibacterial toy cleaner also helps keep it fresh and ready always. 

Gag cover is 2" wide and fits from 19" up to 23 1/2" long 
Strap around the head is 1" wide and measures 19" to 26" long 
Strap connecting the head and the wrist is 1" wide and 11" to 20 1/2" long 
Wrist cuffs are 2" wide and 8" to 10 1/2" long.
Strap connecting your wrists to your legs is 1" wide and 6" to 16" long.
Leg cuffs are 1 1/2" wide and 14 to 22" long

Strictness Rating: 3.0 - 4.50 (depending upon usage and how wicked you are feeling...;)