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8796BD Helplessly Hogtied Collar, Wrist & Ankle Set

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You'll be Helplessly Hogtied in this wonderful set, and not a moment too soon, either! (We know what a troublemaker you can be! )

This fantastic set comes complete with a collar, wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs and straps to connect them all together into a strict hogtie. The collar buckles in front and has D-rings for your hardware attachments for tether points, if you wish. In addition, an adjustable strap at the back of the collar lets you attach the wrist cuffs to it. You can choose to use this part of the set alone as a behind-the-back trainer or add the ankle cuffs as well.

Once you've buckled the ankle cuffs tightly in place, you can attach them to the wrist cuffs portion with another adjustable buckling strap. Depending on how much you tighten those hogtie straps, your slave will either be simply hogtied or strictly hogtied. I think I know which option you'll be choosing! *wink*

A short strap connects the ankle cuffs. This in turn connects them to the adjustable strap also attached to the wrist cuff portion. Each wrist cuff connects to the middle connection strap - one after the other to create an over/under wrist bind position. So it's easy to wear, looks great, and best of all, very effective!

Crafted with our fine quality soft leatherette, this set is not only easy to wear, it's affordable and easy to clean too. You get more bondage for your buck with it. With all the money you're saving, you'd be crazy not to get a gag to go along with this amazing set! (...Oh and of course, a blindfold, a nice whip, some more toys...)

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Strictness Rating: 4.5