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0972A Rubber Lovers Wrist, Thigh and Ankle Sex Cuffs Set

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Another exclusive, original celebratesex creation now in fetish rubber!

Well, with a name like Sex Cuffs, why wouldn't you want a set? These wonderful cuffs work just as well for men as they do for women. It traps the ankles up against the thighs and binds the wrists in right along with it. Now, it's handcrafted in our sexy black rubber to give you twice the fetish fun and look you love!

The wrist cuffs pivot so the fit will be perfect without having to make unnecessary contortions. I don't have to tell you the effect of pulling your ankles up to your thighs with your hands...it tends to make you open w-i-d-e. That and being very helpless in set of cuffs make this a must-try! They really intensify the feeling of helplessness which can really magnify other feelings, if you know what I mean. *wink*

I absolutely love these. They work face up or doggie-style face-down if you prefer. You'll just have to try it to see how good it can be! A spanking is justified when you have your cuffed sub facing down with their ass in the air. On the other hand, be sure to gag your sub when facing up in this as you tease her with your favorite vibrator.   

Since these cuffs are rubber, you can wear them during your wettest, messiest food play sex or... well, you know... other messes you may get on them - and you can simply wipe the mess down and they’ll be just like new!

The heavy rubber cuff and straps can withstand some heavy duty struggles too. After all, we know you like a little bit of rough play with your rubber. *wink*

Shine them with our latex and rubber safe Silicone Lubricant for a long lasting shine that will absolutely get your heart racing just by looking at them. (And where will all that blood be rushing to?...)


Choose either One size or Plus size
One size fits: thighs up to 19" up to 24", ankles 10" up to 13.5", wrists 8.5" up to 12"
Plus size fits: thighs up to 25" up to 30", ankles 12" up to 15.5", wrists 9" up to 13"


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Strictness Rating: 3.0 - 4.0