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0670ZG Adjustable Nipple Clamps with Weight Hanging Rings - MEGA Deal

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Send your lover over the orgasmic edge with our Adjustable Nipple Clamps with Weight Hanging Rings. Nipple clamps are often used in erotic bondage play to enhance sensation and provide additional stimulation on the highly sensitive and sexually stimulated nipple area.

These nipple clamps are not only beautiful, they are also practical. The gleaming chrome silver color tipped with black rubber is classic and simply sexy. Add to that the fun you'll have adding weights to those handy 1" diameter steel rings hanging from your captive's nipples and you've got the makings of an amazing night! Tease your sub with different weights and things, or simply tie them off to the bed post or whatever and make them squirm every time they move! *wink*

Just a pinch and she (or he) will give more than an inch as they reach towards an earth shattering climax. Sex is all about sensations and our Adjustable Nipple Clamps with Weight Hanging Rings provide just that, a completely new sensation for your lover during sex.

The practical part comes in with the easy to use screws that literally allow you to screw the clamps to a comfortable (or not-so-comfortable) pinch on your lover's nipples. Start out with a nice light grip and then as your lover comes closer to climax you can tighten the nipple clamp to send them over the edge in waves of ecstasy.

Another thing I also like about the Adjustable Nipple Clamps with Weight Hanging Rings is that these can fit a variety of different sized nipples. The adjustability along with being able to screw these nipple clamps in place lets you "screw" your sub any way you want even with these nipple clamps on. You no longer have to keep your lover laying down so the nipple clamps will stay on. You could have them do a reverse cowgirl to a doggie style. If you have tightened the nipple clamp they will stay on. You are sure to need a gag to muffle your or your sub's screams of pleasure!

The full length of each wicked clamp is 2” long with the actual clamp giving you 1 inch of pinch.

Strictness Rating: 2.0 - 5.0 depending on the pinch and the weights you choose!