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7166A Anal Hook Trainer with Collar Set

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Beginners looking to explore the wonderful world of anal stimulation would love our Anal Hook Trainer with Collar Set. Who knew orgasms, leather, and steel could all be together in one sentence? 



Ourcollar combines an anal J-shaped hook trainer with a fifteen inch curve. Attached to the hook’s end is a small ball. Expect your lover to experience thesensation of pleasure. Our product also assures that your partner will remain satisfyingly in place. 


Find new ways to play with our Anal Hook Trainer with Collar Set. The top loop measures one inch and is riveted to a leather strap that is adjustable in order to fit over the front or back – remember that our product can also be used as a vaginal hook. Feel free to attach a luscious black leather collar.


An O-ring also hangs from the collar in all its single hoop beauty. Hear some jingle ring from the hardware and make your partner connect it as a sign that some pleasure is coming and cuming (wink! wink!). This product is secure, safe, and lightweight. The collar also looks and feels great to the skin.

Experience intense orgasms with our Anal Hook Trainer with Collar Set. The attached ball is 3 ½” in circumference. Feel free to tighten the collar’s buckling strap to keep your partner properly managed. 

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For a sexually wild ride,  do use our numbingAnal Lubricant. Cleanup is easy too with our antibacterialToy Cleaner. Just add warm water and it’s as good as new. We suggest that you dry your sex toy after every use and store them properly.

Collar fits from 14.5" to 19" neck.


Strictness Rating: 4.5

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