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2450M Ball Training Lacing Penis or Ball Corset with 5.6 oz. Steel Weight

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This soft leather Ball Training Lacing Penis or Ball Corset is just what your mistress has been looking for! Its simple design and easy to use laces make it easy to apply, but it doesn't mean it's easy to wear.

As a cock corset, lace it up then you can even attach your favorite leash to the ring at the tip. Imagine how much fun you'll have leading your boy toy around by his cock! The weight hanging from the tip not only stretches his cock - is it uncomfortable yet? - but is great for kegel exercises with a hard cock. Kegels for guys? Yes, and they improve the strength of orgasm as well as the speed and distance of ejaculate.

This is even more fiendish when used as a ball corset. Lace it down tight until his eyes water (if you want to). Go ahead, that cock and balls is yours anyways. ;)  Then, use the D-ring at the tip to tie his balls off to a post or lead him by the balls with your favorite leash.

This little leather corset adjusts down to a 3/4" inner diameter for a really tight fit if you're feeling cruel. A small D-Ring is included at the end. But what makes cock & ball bondage device stand out from the rest is the 5.6 ounce Steel Weight it cums with. Swing the weight if he's not being good. If he needs more convincing, hang even more weight from the D-ring.

The weight can be removed by pulling the loop up from the D-ring and passing the ball through it. You can then add it on for a surprise or use it on any of your other gear (like nipple clamps!).

Masters and mistresses alike will enjoy this Ball Training Lacing Penis or Ball Corset to the fullest. Your slave, on the other hand, may not so much...but then again, is that really a problem? Put on a gag on your slave if he complains. 

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Strictness Rating: 3.0 - 5.0

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