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0563RS Beginner’s Behind the Back Neck to Wrist Restraints - MEGA Deal

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Beginner’s Behind the Back Neck to Wrist Restraints literally got your back for a fun-filled and kinkylicious experience.  

Newbies and curious vanilla people can take advantage of this beginner-friendly and easy to use neck to wrist restraints on the back. It is very simple to attach to your partner; no need to learn intricate shibari bondage or include complicated accessories. This restraint alone is enough to take the power away from your partner, without worrying too much about the technical execution. If you know how to adjust a bag strap or a seat belt, then you can do this with eyes closed.

This has always been a favorite, and it's not hard to see why. Now available in durable and soft nylon, beginners and those on a tight (we do love that word) bondage budget can enjoy it too. You'll love the way this set pulls your arms up behind you comfortably and your lover will love the way you look helplessly bound in these restraints! 

Once the collar is on and the wrists are trapped, the adjustable strap between the collar and cuffs can be pulled up as far as you are flexible as close as 6" from the bottom of the collar.

The 2" wide Velcro nylon wrist cuffs are sewn to the adjustable nylon strap attached to the 2" wide Velcro nylon collar. Work on your flexibility and other forms of training with this simple and easy to wear nylon restraint set!

If you are feeling adventurous and want to maximize a bounded slave, add a vibrating toy for her clit and a small anal plug to train her for bigger things. Wink!

Available in one size; the collar fits from 15"-18.5", and the cuffs fit from 6"-9".

Strictness Rating: 2.75

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