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0514HS Behind the Back Armbinder Trainer with Collar Set

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Trapped! It's exactly how your slave will be when they're wearing this wonderful Behind the Back Armbinder Trainer with Collar Set!

Crafted with our beautiful and durable leather, this armbinder will be a favorite of yours for years and years to cum. Based on a pattern of our very own creation, the strap running down the middle of the back allows you to bind your slave helplessly but comfortably. I'm not flexible enough to get my elbows together behind my back and there aren't many who can. So, this armbinder is just right for all of us. The straps are very adjustable. You can even use them individually, without the set!

The collar at the top of the harness keeps the armbinder in place. It's lockable too (padlocks not included).

The four straps bind your lover's arms from the biceps down to the wrists, tightly, but comfortably. What's wonderful thing about this trainer is your submissive doesn't have to be stick thin or like Gumby to wear it. The straps offer a lot of adjustability, which means they'll be able to wear it now and as they become more flexible throughout their training. So, you can tighten a few notches more...and a few more...and some more until you're both satisfied with their progress and helplessness! Remember to slip a gag into your lover's mouth to level up your kink!

The positioning of the arm straps along the center band makes the Behind the Back Armbinder Trainer with Collar Set the perfect, immovable armbinder, fitted exactly to your newly (perfectly) helpless submissive. What's next is totally up to you...

Its total length is 22.5" and the center band is 3.25" wide. The collar at the top fits 13" - 16". The four arm straps from top to bottom fit from 8" - 14.5" (top strap by shoulders), from 7" - 12" (2nd strap), from 7" - 12" (3rd strap), and from 4" - 8.75" at the wrists.

Why limit your slave's bondage to just the arms? Bind your slave's lovely legs and feet as well with one of our restricting shoe and foot binders. You can also make things even more fun by having your darling sub crawling on their knees as you lead them with one of our kinky leashes attached to the collar.

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Strictness Rating: 2.0 - 4.0 depending on how tight you pull the straps!