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0508RS Black Lace Roses Love Mask Blindfold - MEGA Deal

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Revel in the absolute pleasure of your kinkiest, most personal bondage sex and mysterious lover fantasies while sensually bound with our posh Black Lace Roses Mask Blindfold!

Just imagine feeling the intense thrill and excitement of not knowing what naughty surprise awaits you while you're bound, blindfolded, gagged and collared! Is it a nice feathery whip? A pair of nipple clamps? Some anal toys? Or perhaps a warm slippery tongue making its way down to your... Ooh! (This is going to be FUN!)

Made of soft silky satin material, this amazing sensual blindfold is the perfect accessory to use when you want to add a bit more kink to your usual play session. Sure it may look simply elegant and modest, but this beautiful and plush piece completely blocks out light to ensure that the wearer will not be able to sneak a cheeky peek during play time.

Not only is it smooth and pleasant against the skin, this blindfold also follows the natural curves of the face so it stays firmly in place even during the most sensual romp. Plus, its gorgeous rosette design makes it even harder to resist! This one is so cute, we'd even leave it out on the nightstand!

Whatever bondage gear you end up choosing to pair with this gorgeous blindfold, you can be sure that every sensation you experience will feel 10 times (maybe even more) better!

Strictness Rating: 1.0