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6954K Blackline Professional Double Locking Thumbcuffs and Toe Cuffs

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Made from high-quality professional-grade powder coated steel, our Blackline Professional Double Locking Thumbcuffs and Toe Cuffs are just the thing for those who love steel and extra tight bondages. (Who does that leave out anyways?) 

These double-locking compact thumb and toe restraints are perfect for keeping your sub's hands close together and hobbling their hands even more. 

The grooved interior of the cuffs make escape uncomfortable and difficult, and when used together with wrist/ankle cuffs, escape is virtually impossible. 

The thumb/toe cuffs are meant to be paired with other toys and sexy apparel. 

Order 2 - these can also be used as toe cuffs! Comes with two keys. 

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Strictness Rating: 1.5