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0582HS Bound Angel White Armbinder

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Sweet and innocent! How could you be anything else when you're helplessly bound in this wonderful armbinder?

Our Bound Angel White Armbinder Mono Bondage Glove let's you play without breaking the bank. Made from our wonderfully sturdy yet sleek and sexy white leatherette, this bondage armbinder laces up your slave in classic bondage fetish style. The lacing at the back lets you decide how tight or loose you want your sub's restraints to be. 

If your slave is a beginner when it comes to armbindersand monogloves, then loosen the laces a bit. But if you are playing with an experienced submissive who laughs in the face of sensual danger and huge bondage ball gags, go ahead and lace them in tightly! 

The white leatherette armbinder sleeve measures 20" long. The circumference of the top opening can adjust from 28" to 32 1/2". The armbinder's lacing closure allows for just the right amount of adjustability you want and what your slave's arms need.

The buckling straps over the shoulders keep the sleeve in place and allows for a stricter fit. Tighten the straps to pull the sleeve further up the arms or loosen the straps to let it drop down to accommodate a wider spread between the elbows if your slave isn't so flexible like Gumby. Criss-cross those straps in front then they'll never be able to slip out of this!

The attached "D" ring at the end of the glove lets you add hardware like a leash through the crotch to a collar or what have you. Pull it up behind them and attach it to the ceiling, a coat rack at the hotel or a closet bar and you've got a quick, inescapable strappado tie. Sounds like fun already!

Strictness Rating: 3.75