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1415HS Concealed Lust Hood, Black - MEGA Deal

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Do you have a slave with a peeking problem? Well, this hood will quickly and effectively put an end to that!

Our Concealed Lust Hood is made from high quality form-fitting spandex that is soft yet durable. It even has padded and lined blindfold sewn in. Your naughty little slave will not only no longer be able to peek, but the blindfold also also allows for more sensory play.

Visual sensory deprivation makes your amorous adventures even more erotic. If you take away one sense, the others become heightened, turning playtime into a more exciting experience. Your pet will be quivering in pleasure at all the dirty things you'll do to their erogenous zones, and they won't even anticipate it!

Just imagine how much more aroused your little pet will be when they don't know what delights you have in store for them. You could have it all laid out on the bed and they would be none the wiser. Maybe tease them with some of our sensory toys or turn them into a hot dripping mess with our powerful vibrators.

Light, easy and comfortable to wear, this spandex slave hood is perfect for beginners yet strict enough for experienced players.

One size, available in black spandex.

Strictness Rating: 1.75

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