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0631RS Deluxe Full Length Patent Look Armbinder Mittens

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Your submissive will be powerless under your sexual dominance when you bind them in our gorgeous Deluxe Full Length Patent Look Armbinder Mittens!

The contrasting princess pink and black stylish design of this full-length bondage mitten makes it a sexy addition to any “formal” bondage occasion. But don’t let its elegance fool you. Our Deluxe Full Length Patent Look Armbinder Mittens are tough under pressure. It will give you full control of your submissive. Full mittens mean you don’t have to worry if your sub happens to have wandering hands.  

But while it is on, your playtime can be even more fun and creative. The addition of a ball gag reinforces your desire to make your sub obey you at all times. While a blindfold and nipple clamps will increase their sensations for sure.

Our Deluxe Full Length Patent Look Armbinder Mittens lace all the way up the submissive’s arm for the perfect custom fit. But you can use the adjustable buckling straps to make it more restrictive as it allows you to buckle the set around the shoulders and at the back. Once this is on, it stays on until you say it's time to take them off. You have the option to strap the armbinder mittens together using any of the 4 D-ring attachments of each glove. Otherwise, you can leave them separate. 

Then again, would you like to make the occasion more interesting? You should know you can attach all sorts of fun connections using the D-rings. A few ideas to consider would be the coffee table, the bed, or maybe even somewhere a bit more public, like the DMV counter. All right, the last option might be extreme. But if ever your submissive does misbehave, then you can use this bondage mitten set to make good on your threat.

Crafted of high quality princess pink colored leatherette, our Deluxe Full Length Patent Look Armbinder Mittens delivers bondage fun at half the cost. However, be warned it cannot withstand heavy struggling, stresses, or severe strain on its material. Even so, it’s a great way to play for less when you want to restrain your submissive in a beautiful, erotic manner.

Arm length: 25”
Wrist: 6” to 12”
Around the shoulder strap: 38” to 66”
Back strap: 5” to 11”

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Strictness Rating: 2.5 - 4.5 depends on how tight you make them and in what position you use them in.