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3716RS Diamond Blue and White Leatherette Fatty Whip - MEGA Deal

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Don't let this pretty little flogger fool you. Though soft and pretty, the leatherette tails of this fine flogger are cut thick, changing the feel of this flogger.

In contrast to a whip with thinner tails, the wider tails of this whip offer a more "slappy" sensation in combination with the typical "stinging/snappy" sensation associated with leatherette floggers. It's perfect for those who love crops, slappers and bare-handed spankings!

The wrapped handle is easy to use and makes controlling this 20" long leatherette whip simple and fun. Try dragging the tails across your lover's bare skin for an erotic sensation that will have your submissive's body tingling - everywhere! As always, if you're a beginner to whips, be sure to practice your aim a bit on a pillow before using it on your cherished sub. You'll find that this whip is light and easy to use, butt practice makes perfect!

The Diamond Blue and White Leatherette Fatty Whip offers a light to intense "snappy / stinging / slightly thuddy" sensation depending on use (remember to practice and try it on yourself to see what it feels like before using it on your lover.)

Handle length: 6"; Length of Tails: 14"

You need matching gear and we've got you covered. Check out all our matching Diamond Blue Leatherette Bondage Gear for the perfect match for this!

Strictness Rating: 1.0 - 4.5 depending on use.

Dom/mes, it's always a good idea test any new sensation device on yourself first so your helpless sub who's put their trust in you will experience the best each kind of sensation device has to offer. After all, you're training them to love their training, so they'll want more, more, MORE! Make your sweet submissive want more by knowing exactly what kind of stimulation you are providing so you can make them ride the waves of pleasure and pain in exactly the orchestrated way you want. In this way, you not only control the session, you control their desire!