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9742A Drifted Locking Wrist Cuffs

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You'll be both naughty and nice with our Drifted Locking Wrist Cuffs. Its pure white color and black strap hint heavily at your "drifting" side.

These comfortable leather bondage cuffs let you play either the Innocent or the Vixen, or even a little bit of both. With those useful and sexy jangling "O"-rings for padlocks, leashes or your favorite hardware, these cuffs offer a dark fairy tale of slave play.

The locked and leashed Snow White submits. Her dark Dom/me controls her fall from grace the minute the key fits the lock. (insert wicked laugh here *wink*)

Our Drifted Locking Wrist Cuffs are a favorite for the way they work and feel - both of which are amazing - most of all for the way they look, which is AWESOME! This color combination is gorgeous and timeless. It's practically dressy!

These cuffs work great - the delightfully jingly Loop & O-ring on each cuff is perfect for all your favorite hardware attachments as they fasten tightly using a high quality roller buckle. The leather is durable too - it will stay soft and looking great for years and years of rough use to cum.

Speaking of rough use...*ahem*...these lock on for extra security during extra wild play. We've got some beautiful choices for padlocks (sold separately) too.

Be sure to see the matching Drifted Locking Collar and Drifted Locking Ankle Cuffs to complete the set. We've got you covered - entirely in beautiful bondage gear. Now, drifting from good to bad has never been so easy or as fun with these cuffs!

Does the carpet match the drapes? Who cares? But your bondage gear should match. See our Black Leather Bondage Gear collection to create your perfect matching set! Not into an all black look, then check our White Leather Bondage Gear collection too. 

Size: Fits from 4" up to  8".

Strictness Rating:  2.0