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0553A Dungeon Slave Black Leather Extreme Posture Collar

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Our Dungeon Slave Black Leather Extreme Posture Collar is incredibly tall and strict - just the way you like it! 

This extremely tall 4.5" posture collar can be worn simply by virtue of the tapered cut under the chin and over the shoulders. This posture collar will definitely keep your chin up!

Hand crafted with our firm bondage leather in jet black, this collar holds three sexy and very useful hardware pieces including a D-ring at each side and a Loop & O-Ring hardware piece front and center, all tightly riveted behind beautiful little decorative bow-style keepers.

What will you attach to all that great hardware? A leashor some rope to the front ring to lead or tether your slave? Or maybe you'll attach your sub's wrist cuffs to those side rings. As long as your sweet slave's head is up, they should probably be on their knees in front of you. And as long as you have the matching leather lead clipped to that O-ring in front, if the leash was passed between your legs and you tugged them in close...well, now things are starting to get interesting!

If you're looking at a posture collar this strict, then I know you can come up with some pretty great ideas on what you might want to attach to all that sexy hardware! *wink* Make sure you see our most strict (and incredibly popular) 4" wide Total Control bondage cuffs to pair up with this sexy collartoo!

You're going to love posture training your helpless slavewith this wonderful posture collar. Make your lover the object of your intense lust and desire with this amazing Dungeon Slave Black Leather Extreme Posture Collar!

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Fits from 14" - 18.25".

Strictness Rating: 4.5