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9778M Electro-Stim 2 Port Accessory Power Box - MEGA Deal

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Give your sex life a "charge" with this incredible beginner's electro-sex power box. 

Our electric stimulation Electro-Stim 2 Port Accessory Power Box is perfect for first-timers and those new to e-stimulation. 

Insert your desired accessory into one or both of the ports on the top of the device! Select which shock pattern desired using the Mode button, using the Strong and Weak buttons to adjust the intensity of the charge to begin; each mode is designed to last in 15 minute increments. The default shock state of the item is 00 (emitting no charge), but can increase all the way to level 15 for an intense shock! If you wish to increase the intensity even further, use the Midband button to further super-charge your session! When finished, you can use the On/Off button to turn off the product, and unplug all accessories when not in use. 

The compact control unit is just 5" x 2 3/4" making it easy to handle, fitting in the palm of your hand. It's great for muscle stimulation, neural stimulation, and an all-over relaxing electro massage! 

Able to work with both single and dual channel lead wires (not included); Requires 3 "AAA" batteries, not included. The side of the power box does have a charging port as well for direct power, but does not come with an included charge cable standard. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 

Be sure to select some great accessories to go with this easy to use power box such as our adhesive pads, nipple clampsinsertable plugs and cock rings, and so many more. Use our Electro-Sex Gel to provide a positive contact with all your accessories! You'll get a charge out of this! 

Not for use on eyelids, sensitive skin, pregnant women, those with heart conditions or pacemakers, or anyone with health issues. Please refrain from electro-stim use across the chest and neck if you are experiencing pains beyond normal electric sensations, or if you have a pacemaker or other chest implant. Always consult your doctor if you are considering electro-stim play to ensure you are healthy and fit for this product's use. 

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Strictness Rating: up to 4.0