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9760M Flex Spreader Cuffs Set - MEGA Deal

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You can use our Flex Spreader Cuffs Set on your knees to keep yourself open and available in a position that would make even the most brazen slave blush. (Oh, MY!) These cuffs are attached to a flexible but very strong strap so you can use them in a lot of positions.

This 16 1/2" wide bar will keep your slave waiting breathlessly for whatever you desire - which, from what we've heard (and read about on the bathroom wall), is plenty! *wink* 

Wrist and ankle cuffs attach to this wonderful lightweight aluminum spreader bar to hold your recalcitrant slave in the perfect position for a spanking or a good....ahem, well you already know what this was really made for. 

Each soft cuff has a Velcro closure making this set quick to put on. This means your slave won't drift out of the mood while they're waiting for you to do what you want to do to them! The Velcro closures are very strong and can hold your lover in securely for a wild ride.

The best part about having your slave in cuffs is the feeling of intense thrill and sexual excitement their helplessness brings. Think of all the dirty things you can do to them while they're at your mercy! Want to taunt them with a nice feathery whip? A pair of sexy nipple clamps? Some anal toys? Maybe even a surprise ass spanking session? Or perhaps a warm slippery tongue making its way down to their nether region.. Ooh!

The wrist cuffs fit up to 9" and the ankle cuffs fit up to 10 1/2". Crafted from high-quality, durable nylon so you can have all the fun you want at half the cost of leather!

Strictness Rating: 3.0 - 4.0 depending on position.