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8703HS Forever My Slave Chrome Ankle Manacles

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What a classic and elegant way to display how much you love your slave and want to keep them forever! With our insanely gorgeous Forever My Slave Chrome Ankle Manacles, you'll show your slave how important they are to you.

These are not just a trifling toy nor are they just to keep your bondage slut under lock and key. These combine form and function. It's something you'll love to lock up your slave in and something they'll love to be locked in because they're so beautiful. They're easy to wear too, so that's a big plus for both of you, meaning your cherished slave can spend more time locked up than ever before. These are perfect and a definite must have for any toy chest!

The locking mechanism and hinges are hidden and unique! After you lovingly slip this cuff onto your slave's ankles, you insert a small metal pin with a flat head that disappears into the edge of the cuff and VOILA, your slave is helpless in this gorgeous pair of chrome steel locking cuffs!

An extra locking pin is provided with the set of cuffs. Use the extra to push the pin back out when playtime is over. Without the extra locking pin, there's no way your slave will be escaping from these... not that they'd want to! Attach these to a spreader bar and they won't even think about escaping. So be sure to gag your slave unless you want to wake up the kids.   

The metal "O" rings in the middle of each cuff, make them perfect for hooking them together with your favorite hardware. (Hardware, strap connections and padlocks are sold separately.)

These wonderful ankle cuffs fit up to 8-1/2".

For a smaller size, see our matching Forever My Slave Chrome Wrist Manacles which fit up to 6 3/4" for the small size and the medium size cuffs fit up to 7-1/2".

Strictness Rating: 3.0