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1657M Heart Pull Ring Silicone Bumpy Anal Massager - MEGA Deal

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Even the gentlest tug at the Heart Pull Ring Silicone Bumpy Anal Massager will stir sensations you’ve never felt before. It’s the perfect toy to make your exploration of the amazing world of anal stimulation exciting and fun for beginners.

At just 2.5” of insertable length, this silicone butt plug will surprise you at how it can make you moan in sheer ecstasy. Its soft texture and flexible shaft stimulate the ultra-sensitive nerve endings around the anus. The balled tip ensures easy insertion but it’s always best to apply plenty of numbing anal lubricant for greater comfort.

From the tip, the butt plug widens to a diameter of 1.25” then narrows back down to a beautiful slim neck. This is where the sphincter muscles get to work and keep it in place. Its shape delivers extra pressure to the prostate for more pleasure. The heart-shaped handle at the base offers safe and easy handling during solo or couple’s play.

Tug at the heart-shaped handle mid-orgasm for the most explosive climax you can ever imagine! Because it’s phthalate-free and hypoallergenic, you can enjoy wearing it all day long. No one has to know what you have back there, it will be our little secret *wink*

Clean up is quick and easy with a spritz of our antibacterial toy cleaner and warm water.

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