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4754RS Hot Bonds Hot Pink Lacing Armbinder Sheath

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Sexy and sassy! Our Hot Bonds Hot Pink Lacing Armbinder Sheath let's you be pretty and strict during your playtime. This bondage armbinder laces up your slave in true bondage fetish style. The lacing at the back lets you decide how tight or loose you want them bound in this beautiful armbinder. 

If your slave is new to armbinders or isn't so flexible then just leave the laces loose. But if you're playing with an experienced or flexible submissive, go ahead and cross those shoulder straps over in front and lace them in tightly! 

This beautiful hot pink leatherette armbinder sleeve measures 21" long and the circumference of its top opening adjusts from 28" to 32 1/2". This armbinder's lacing closure offers just the right amount of adjustability for the bondage you want and what your slave's arms need.

The buckling straps over the shoulders keep the sleeve in place and allows for a stricter fit. Tighten the straps to pull the sleeve further up the arms or loosen the straps to let it drop down to accommodate a wider spread between the elbows if your slave isn't so flexible like Gumby. Criss-cross those straps in front then they'll never be able to slip out of this! The straps fit from 15" to 28" long.

The attached "D" ring at the end of the glove allows you to add hardware in case you'd like to attach a leash through the crotch to a collar or whatever you have. Pull it up behind them and attach it to the ceiling, a coat rack at the hotel or a closet bar and you've got a quick, inescapable strappado tie. 

For more intimate and intense play sessions, do try one of our spreader bars to make sure your pet is as vulnerable as can be while you toy with them. When you do, then you can put together your own hogtie set in a pinch! Well, this sounds like fun already!

Crafted in our high quality, Hot Pink color durable and soft leatherette, this pretty armbinder is perfect for the most feminine of slaves - even a feminized male slave! Pink can do anything!

You're going to love our matchingHot Pink Leatherette Bondage Gear for the perfect companion pieces to this. Make your very own bondage gear playtime set!

Leatherette wipes clean easily with a damp cloth. So whatever messes happen to get on it (*ahem*) wipe away quick and your armbinder is like new again.

Please note: This PVC item costs far less than leather. It is designed for beautiful and erotic restrain. However, the material might not withstand heavy struggling or extreme stresses or strains on it. Even so, it's a great way to play for less!

Strictness Rating: 3.75