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7355D Inflatable Solid Latex Butt Plug

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Plug in the fun with our Inflatable Solid Latex Butt Plug. Smooth and silky to the touch, our plug is tapered tip is ½”  thereby allowing cosy insertion. Diameter-wise, it measures a full 2”. Its solid built makes it easily insertable compared to a hollow plug.


But wait, there’s more! Pump it up a few notches and expect its size to ohlala increase. Believe it or not, this plug could inflate to a maximum of 3” in diameter. It’s the perfect plug for beginners as you can advance the stage of your plug-size preference based on your comfort level.


Beside the hand pump is a quick pressure release valve that allows you or your lover to experience a pulsating and delectable experience.


For easy insertion, we recommend our Anal Lubricants. We also suggest you check out our delicious Toys for Him and Vibrators collection. We promise, you will have tons of fun either on your own or with your lover.


Don’t worry about cleanup. A quick spritz of our antibacterial Toy Cleaner plus warm water will keep our plug as good as new.



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