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7179AE Just Like My Own Sissy Transformation A-Cup Real Feel Breasts with Nipples - MEGA Deal

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Do you need a little more than just your usual padding to fill out that sexy little dress? Or are you just looking for kinky bondage gear to feminize your male sub? You don't have to look any further! With our Just Like My Own Sissy Transformation A-Cup Real Feel Breasts with Nipples, your full bosom will be a head-turner and jaw-dropper.

A lot of people are sexually attracted to full breasts. There is just something so hedonistic about a big bosom! Not everyone is blessed with huge tits, but that doesn't mean we can't all get in on the fun. There's no need to go under the knife, because just wearing our breast form enhancers can boost your sex appeal in a snap.

Increase your cup size to make that dress fit better or simply flaunt it for adoring stares with these breast enhancers. They're soft, perfectly shaped and very lifelike so they'll enhance you more naturally than padding. They're perfect for adding to what you've got and creating a sexy cleavage. The included nipples look great poking out in your favorite top or lingerie!

They're so easy to wear. Simply position them over your breasts so you're pushed up and tantalizingly outwards then clip the easy to use front clasp together. For added security, removable shoulder straps are included. These straps adjust to fit from a 26" to a 33" chest for a comfortable fit!

These big A cup enhancers are just the thing to bring you from flat to perky. Wear them for a night out on the town or in the bedroom to enhance your play time. They're so easy to wear and you'll love the way they look. With so many reasons for having these wonderful breast enhancing forms, you'll want to try some of the other cup sizes we offer.

It is great for cross dressing and feminizing male slaves too!

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