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8987DL Lasting Love Locking Female Chastity Belt - MEGA Deal

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Does your girl need a little chastity training? Keep her under lock and key, under control and just for you while you're away. She'll be ready to please you in every way to get the keys so she can be released - for her own sexual release!

Our beautiful leatherette Lasting Love Locking Female Chastity Belt is just the thing for your naughty girl. The crotch strap can be used to either hold toys out or keep them in. So how will you make her squirm? Let her try to use a vibrator through the leather strap and simply get frustrated and keep her horny just for you? Or add your favorite dildo and butt plug or vibrating bullet under that strap and leave her breathless?

Either way, she's all yours and this chastity strap will make sure of it. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the show.

So you say that's not quite enough? That you'd rather she was bound as well? (Well, I would add a gag too, but that goes without saying - literally! Mmmmpphhh! ) Well, cuff her hands behind her back and watch her squirm even more. Depending on how tightly you tie her, she won't even be able to reach down there. Now you're just being mean! *wink*

The crotch panel and the waist strap both lock on with your own padlocks (not included) so the only way she'll be getting any satisfaction or relief is with your permission. Now that's power! Strap keeper loops keep the strap ends neat and tidy.

The best part of this leatherette belt is the price - it's all the fun of leather at nearly half the price. Or is it the fact that the leatherette simply wipes clean after use with a damp cloth? Or maybe it's all the ways you can play! (It can even be hidden under a skirt! Scandalous!)

This locking chastity will be the new favorite in your toy box. Good thing it's so well made and durable!

Does the carpet match the drapes? Who cares? But your bondage gear should match. See our Black Leatherette Bondage Gear collection to create your perfect matching set!

One size fits from 28" - 40" around the waist, and 21" - 32" between the legs.

Strictness Rating: 2.50 - 5.0 depending on what you keep out or put in!

**Please note that due to the personal nature of this item and because this item is subject to genital and bodily fluid contact, this item is non-returnable.