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2224DL Leather Parachute Ball Stretcher

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A wise kinky man once said, "Stretch the ball, stretch the fun." Our Leather Parachute Ball Stretcher allows a sissy slave in-training be enjoyable and satisfying as well. Just like a regular parachute, this parachute style will take you to the highest peak of your orgasm. Yes, we are talking about scream-inducing, leg-shaking, and mind-blowing release. 

Add the teasing vibrations of your new favorite wand massager (we have colors, styles and functions to please you and tease him!) and add a prostate stimulator to see if it really is possible to cum with a chastity tease cage locked on his cock. Even so, will you let him cum? Or just ruin his orgasm over and over again? Oh, you're such a bitch(We knew we were going to like you! *wink*)

Experience the most extreme climaxes with this Ball Stretcher! Simply snap the heavy-duty parachute cuff around your balls, then add up to four ounces of force that is evenly distributed by three metal chains. Beginners and enthusiasts alike can easily attain their desired pull with these easy screw-on metal weights.

Typically, as a man reaches orgasm, the scrotum pulls the testicles into the body. By stretching and resisting this pull with the Ball Stretcher, your body tries even harder to retract, making you cum harder than ever before! Guys love the feeling of their sack hanging lower and swinging more than ever before!

This bondage gear can even be a stand-alone costume to a role play; but if you want to really make a statement, add a pair of sexy high heels and feminizing wigs. Add a blindfoldfor an even more intense kinky experience.

Choose a weight that's right for you and increase the pull as you go! (Weights not included.)

Once your nuts are hanging low, you'll be ready for maximum pleasure!

Strictness Rating: 1.5 - 3.0 depending on weights attached.