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1719DL Let’s Play Leatherette Leash - MEGA Deal

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Let's Play Leatherette Leash is a simple bondage accessory that has a capacity to unleash the kinkiness in you and your partner. This may look like a plain black leash, but once you wear this leash.. it's definitely play time!

Do not underestimate this soft black leatherette leash, because you are in for a sweet surprise. Being dragged around the room or being guided as you crawl, with a leash can be degrading and humiliating - a two fetish you have yet to explore, maybe? Kinky bondage can be a role play, a pet play, a torture play, or anything in between. Using this leatherette leash, you can play around with roles.

As a Master or Pet Owner, it is your duty to lead your sub or pet into temptation. Do this by using a durable and trusted lead. This black leash is perfect for lingerie sets or body stockings; but if you want to make things kinkier, have your pet wear a zentai body suit.

The Let’s Play Leatherette Leash is 3/4" wide and 45 1/2" in total length including the snap. The quick snap hook is a 1/2" metal chrome for easy and quick attachment to your sub's collar, so you can go back to playing in no time. 

Strictness Rating: 2.25