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2430A Lights Out Black Leather Blindfold

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Get your lover in the mood for some wild and passionate lovemaking with our Lights Out Black Leather Blindfold. It's the perfect starter piece to introduce a bit of light bondage and fun erotic play in the bedroom!

Made of 100% high quality leather, this super sexy bondage accessory can easily turn a sweet and romantic night into a full on sensual romp. Sure it may look modest because of it's simple design, but do not be fooled, this blindfold effectively blocks out light to ensure that the wearer will not be able to sneak a peek no matter how hard they try. The double strap and roller-style buckles allow for quick and easy adjustment. It also provides a comfortably secure fit of up to 25" around the head. So it's perfect for long term wear and even during the raunchiest scenes!

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Strictness Rating:   2.0