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7275ZG Liquid Sex Shiny Thigh High Stockings - MEGA Deal

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You'll have instant sex appeal with our Liquid Sexy Shiny Thigh High Stockings. Uniquely styled with an elasticized shiny spandex and vinyl mix, these stockings are easy to wear, fun and great at turning him on! 

If you love the look of latex but want something less costly, less troublesome to put on but shines up just right, or you just want something fast and "naughty" to get into, then these are just perfect for you. I'm sure he'll think you're perfect in them, too! 

Perfectly delicious...You saucy slut! (I know you love it...that's why you're such a slut. Hee-hee! And yes – it does take one to know one!) 

One size fits most. 

Wear these stockings with your favorite mini skirt or dress and with a sexy pair of shoes ;) 

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