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2739RS Locking Rubber Penis Gag, Diamond Blue Strap - MEGA Deal

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Whoa - sexy! How about a little penis gag humiliation or blow job training for your slave slut? Yeah, you know you both want this one. *wink*

What's not to like, after all? This durable leatherette panel gag holds a wonderful rubber penis gag inside. The penis gag itself is a mouth-filling 1.25" in diameter and 2" long. That's not only muffling, it's quite a training tool as well - quite literally. The tool behind that panel is helped in the muffling department by the panel itself. The panel presses against your sub's lips, effectively muffling any kinds of noises that make it past the rubber cock gag lodged firmly in their mouth.

If your submissive really doesn't want to be forced to have a rubber cock in their mouth, don't worry - it locks too! All you need is your own padlock to lock the Diamond Strap Locking Rubber Penis Gag in your slave's mouth so they'll just be forced to practice on that penis gag until you say they're finished!

You may have also noticed that the gag panel is removable from the locking strap. That means that you can use the two together or independently - though, of course, still at the same time. For example, the gag might be used as a plug while the locking strap provides the binding. Where you might like that plug to go...well, that's another matter!

Crafted with high quality, durable leatherette so it cleans up easily with a wipe of a damp cloth after even the messiest play sessions! You can also spritz some antibacterial toy cleaner on it to keep it fresh and ready always.

Our exclusive diamond blue leatherette will have your girl begging for more - what she's begging for is more bondage, more playtime and more, more, more of your attention! You should give it to her! ;)

We just love this color and we know you will too. That's why we've made it easy for you to select all the matching Diamond Blue Leatherette Bondage Gear from our complete collection. Create your perfect bondage playtime matched set!

Size: Fits up to 22"

For more information, please see our Gags FAQ page.

Strictness Ratings: 3.0