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2409DL Lusty Doll Red Lips Open Mouth Gag - MEGA Deal

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Limited to one per customer.

Just look at those luscious lips - I'll bet you can't wait to push something through them!

This will show if you really are the one! Master once said to me "Open wide so I can see if you're the one"! I laughed, opened wide and apparently I am the one, so now it's your turn!

This unique gag is perfect for those who love dollification and objectification fantasies during role play. It's soft, lightweight and so easy to use. You can just imagine the possibilities with this while you're bound and covered with a hood!

The gag itself isn't a gag in the real sense of the word. This is more of a fantasy object - so you can be a fantasy object! What a delicious thought - and it's not the only delicious thing you'll have a taste of when wearing our Lusty Doll Red Lips Open Mouth Gag!

You can use this Lusty Doll Red Lips Open Mouth Gag together with a ring gag to make it a more effective tool to silence your sub or slave. Mistresses, it's perfect for the sissification of your boy toy, too.

So...Are You The One?

Inner diameter of gag: 1 1/2"
Insertable portion of gag is 3" wide by 2 3/8" tall

For more information, please see my Gags FAQ page.

Strictness Rating: 1.0