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7297M Micro-Pinwheel 3 Wheel Drum Sensation Device - MEGA Deal

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It may look intimidating but our Micro-Pinwheel 3 Wheel Drum Sensation Device is really a fun sensation toy of the highest quality. In the field of medical science, this stainless steel gem is referred to as a neurowheel.

Doctors use this to test nerve sensation on the surface of the skin. This versatile toy will indeed spur a wide array of tingles. *wink* It can drive a person to new heights of sexual sensation, especially if they are blindfolded and gagged while lightly (or heavily - the choice is yours) restrained.

Don't worry, you won't hurt anyone with this toy unless you want to. Its long handle makes this toy easy to control allowing you to get the precise sensations you want to elicit. When held softly and at a slight angle against the skin, it feels pleasantly tingly. You can even add it as part of a massage or gentle sensation play without fear...or maybe that's what you wanted...

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Strictness Rating: 1.0 - 4.0 depending on use.

Dom/mes, it's always a good idea to test any new sensation device on yourself first so your helpless sub who's put their trust in you will experience only the best of what each kind of sensation device has to offer. After all, you're training them to love their training, so they'll want more, more, MORE! Make your sweet submissive want more by knowing exactly what kind of stimulation you are providing so you can make them ride the waves of pleasure and pain in exact way you want. In doing so, you control the session and most of all, you control their desire!