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0351DL Mini Black Anal Beads

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Back door entry has never been this exciting thanks to our Mini Black Anal Beads. Expect to enter a new universe ofsexual satisfaction. Our nine small anal beads will definitely take you to the heights of ecstasy.


Ideal for newbies, these anal beads are good introductory items for beginners. Our anal beads are non threatening. All beads are of the same size and can be inserted any way you like as long as you feel comfortable. Feel free to begin with the lesser beads until you are comfortable with it. 


Do remove the beads slowly but surely. Allow your body to experience a new kind of sensation. The pleaure from theanal pressure is sure to bring you an exciting thrill. Feel free to use the beads on your own or with a partner.

Have no fear, these beads are highly durable and can be pulled anytime with no fear of them being lost inside. Tug the ring slowly but surely in order to release every ball in the middle of your orgasm. Do wear a ball gag just in case you can’t stop yourself from moaning in pleasure.

We recommend ananal lubricant for newbies in order to make your experience smooth and silky.  Cleaning is easy with ourToy Cleaner. Because fun should be exciting and worry-free.

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