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0646P Nipple Tweezer Clamps - MEGA Deal

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Make your nipples perk up with pleasure with our beginner Nipple Tweezer Clamps. Slide the ring down the base of the clamp to open the clips, then place the soft rubber liners around each nipple, and slide the ring up until the clamps are nice and snug.

These clamps are great for beginners, but they can be tightened enough to provide the added stimulation most experienced players desire. The clamps deserve to occupy a favorite place in your toy box.

The best place to apply these clamps is at the base of the nipple on the aureole. Try them in different places like dangling from the nipples themselves for different sensations.

With each movement of the metal chain, the tweezers tug and tickle your nipples for amazing hands-free stimulation!

The weight of the chain intensifies the pressure as it swings while you move. Try these with a spanking! As you're bent over with your arms bound at the back, the chain swings with every swat, pulling your nipples and making them more and more sensitive - WOW!

You can get lost in passionate love-making and get as rough as you want. Don't worry, these clamps won't fall off any time soon. Just imagining the clamps swaying along to my every erotic movement is turning me on! It will be a turn on for you and your sub, too.

You can also explore breast play further with weightselectro-stimvibrations and suction! We have everything you need to satisfy your fetish fantasies. 

Strictness Rating: 2.25