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4432DL Open Up and Say Mmmmm Posture Collar with Ring Gag Combination Set - MEGA Deal

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What's better than the sexy, strict style of your slave in a posture collar? Your slave in a strict posture collar with an attached ring gag holding their mouth open wide! The strict and sexy style of my Open Up and Say Mmmmm Posture Collar with Ring Gag Combination Set is the perfect way to keep your chin up even under the strictest training.

This classic posture collar is not only beautiful, but useful. Not only does it keep your slave in place with perfect posture, chin up, awaiting commands, it also has an O-ring on the front to attach your favorite leash or tie your slave to, well...whatever you like. How about some hardware attachmentsropesclamps or all of the above! I'll leave that part up your imagination since I'm sure you have a few ideas. I know Master always does!

The comfortable yet semi-strict 1 1/4" inner & 1 3/4" outer diameter ring gag is smooth enough for something to go through it or in my case, to stick your tongue out through.*giggles* Not that I would ever do that! (Did you believe that?) The adjustable buckling posture collar adjusts from 13" up to 16" and is a strict, full 4" tall, but the soft edge keeps it comfortable even at that height.

Now that you've got your slave's attention and the posture collar sees to it that their eyes are on you, what will be put through that ring gag? Hmmmmmm....

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For more information, please see my Gags FAQ page.

Strictness Rating: 3.0

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