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7257DL Padded Connected Collar to Wrist Cuff Set - MEGA Deal

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There ought to be no limit to your satisfaction when it comes to BDSM erotic play. In fact, it's best if things can happen all at once! This makes things easier... but on the contrary, it gets harder

A collar alone isn't always enough, especially if you're as unruly as I can be sometimes. So, when I saw the Padded Connected Collar to Wrist Cuff Set, I knew I would end up in it! 

This wonderful set only allows limited movement, so it's perfect for slave training duties around the office or at home (Not that I would know anything about that...). The Velcro connections on the cuffs and collar are useful  for quick-changes but will still hold your sub in tight! Its adjustable padded collar comes with two connecting clips to attach or remove your sub's hands depending on your bondage desires;) 

So, what will you have your sub do to earn his or her freedom from this Collar to Wrist Cuff Set? If they're gagged, you'll have to remove it but it'll be worth it! *wink*

Female subs can be blindfolded while this collar to wrist cuff set can further restrict males subs from touching their cock encased in a bondage.

The wrist cuffs measure 2 1/4" wide and are adjustable to fit from 5" to 9 1/2". The collar is 1 3/4" wide and fits from 10.5" to 20" around your slave's neck.

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Strictness Rating: 4.0