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2625LT Posture Collar with Padded Edges, Large Ring and Leash Set

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Includes the leash!

Chin up! If you have trouble with posture or proper slave positioning, our Posture Collar with Padded Edges will help keep that chin up.  Proper for slave training even the most naughty slave, the erotic feel of the strict collar reinforces correct bondageslave behaviors in a sensual yet comfortable way (but not too comfortable!). 

Lightweight and easy to wear (for a posture collar), this 4" tall pvc collarhas rolled and sewn padded edges both top and bottom to improve wearability and comfort. The relatively thin leatherette and tapered fit to fit better under the chin and over the shoulders means this collar is just about the easiest 4" tall posture collar I've ever worn.

The rolled and padded edges certainly help that, but ironically, make the collar taller and thus, more strict, What a predicament!

Included at the front of this lovely collar is a uniquely sexy riveted metal plate with an O-ring hardware piece hanging from it, awaiting your leash and other hardware connections.  Start posture training today and keep that Chin Up!

Two buckling straps allow this collar to fit from 17" - 21". The total length of the chain and leash is 30" with the 24" jeweled chain leash and a matching 6" black handle.

Strictness Rating: 3.0