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6955K Professional Double Locking Steel Handcuffs

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The cold steel encircles your wrists. "You are mine..." whispered in your ear. Those goosebumps aren't the result of the temperature of the cuffs, it's simply because of the cuffs. 

If you want heavy duty cuffs, why bother with anything less than the Professional Double Locking Steel Handcuffs? These shiny chrome handcuffs are the things fantasies are made of and you don't need a 'Red Room' play space to enjoy these. Just stick them in the drawer for a quick, down and dirty bondage romp. 

Now that's hot! Don’t forget to spice things up even more with a collar and latex apparel. 

These professional grade metal cuffs are perfect for anyone looking to use restraint as a sexual stimulant. The industrial, near indestructable design, ensures years of trouble free service. 

So lock up your lover but don’t throw away the key - these cuffs are the real McCoy, there are no quick-releases or easy escapes from these professional grade cuffs. Truly inescapable, sexy bondage fun! 

Includes 2 keys. 

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Strictness Rating: 2.0